Assess affordability. Mitigate credit risk.Get dynamic insights from your customers financial and transactional data.


Verge.Capital Score

Incorporating PSD2 data into the credit assessment process should be easy. Verge.Capital makes it possible.

Verge.Capital collects and transforms individuals' PSD2 transactional data for use by financial institutions. We harness the power of financial and transactional data to be used to assess affordability, credit risk, and beyond.

We help you request data, make sense of it, and incorporate it into future decision-making.

Our products are designed to give your customers the best experience, make your developers' lives easy, and help you stay ahead of the curve.


KYC & Financial info Verification

Decision Support

Creditworthiness & Affordability Check


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KYC and Financial info Verification

Trying to calculate the actual affordability of your existing and future customers used to be risky business. Thanks to our Verge.Score solution, bank account verification just got a whole lot easier.

With Verge.Score you are able to quickly quantify your customer's actual income and spending behavior, based on their transactional history. This gives you a real time view of their financial position, adding a valuable datapoint to your credit assessment processes.

Our platform assists financial institutions in extracting valuable information from the customers’ data, enhancing decision-making as a result. The credit applicants’ financial assets and transactions can be verified in real time, with his/her consent for extracting the data directly from their bank accounts.

After a series of quick evaluations, our analytics engine assesses instantly the individuals’ financial status and credit health, so as to feed financial services credit assessment tools.

The Verge.Capital platform provides financial institutions with insightful financial behavior profiles for their potential customers, enabling the assessor to get a holistic view of each applicant’s financial situation.


  • Instant income detection
  • Credit funds usage observation
  • Instant verification of consumer’s bank data

Creditworthiness and Affordability Check

Verge.Score is a dynamic and inclusive indicator of an individual's likelihood to repay debts that adapts to the maturity of the user's credit history. It identifies and captures unique and highly predictive behavioral signals for consumers from the point of each transaction, so as to enable better insights for credit decision making.

Our credit scoring calculations are based on assessing the individual’s transactional behavior, so we can accomodate consumers with thin credit files. Most credit assessment tools rely almost entirely on debt repayment history and respective credit events, excluding data points derived by analyzing transactions.

By partnering with Verge.Capital, financial institutions can expand retail credit target markets through data driven risk evaluation with actionable insights, not available by traditional credit score providers.


  • Unique insights from financial behavior data
  • Harness richer data sets to better assess credit risk
  • Cross-Border transactional history insights
  • Creditworthiness assessment
  • Affordability calculation