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Verge.Capital off to $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge Finals


Dublin, Ireland, 2 May 2019 Verge.Capital is a finalist for the New Venture Competition, one of the three categories featured within the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge program. The $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge at the NYU Stern School of Business is one of the largest and most innovative accelerator programs and startup competitions in the world and the […]

Verge.Capital awarded with European Commission’s Seal of Excellence


Dublin, Ireland, 1 April 2019 The European Commission has recently awarded Verge.Capital with the Seal of Excellence for the value of its offering. European Commission with the Seal of Excellence recognizes the excellent standards of Verge.Capital’s strategy and business plan, as part of the Horizon 2020 programme and recommends our offering for review by funding […]

Verge.Capital was Awarded Innovation Funding


Dublin, Ireland, 18 March 2019 Verge.Capital has secured funding to develop a pan-European creditworthiness and affordability check platform. Verge.Capital’s platform will enable EU citizens to carry their credit scores across EU freely. The platform will also enable underbanked EU citizens to get access to credit facilities based on its capability to assess them and will […]

How to own your credit score within EU


The experience that most of us had so far, regarding credit scoring services, referred to banking executives with arms crossed on their chests, sitting at the other side of the table, stating the non negotiable terms on which the institution they represent could finance us. Or, if we are lucky, we can get the chance […]

Welcome Banking (R)Evolution!


The disruption of banking from bricks to cloud Banking has been around for centuries and bankers have evolved to a specific stereotype of old overweight males in suits, dictating the future of companies, economies and individuals. The financial crisis that hit the US in 2008 and quickly spreaded all over the world triggered a chain of […]

Fintech Industry paving the way towards Financial Inclusion


A Solution for Inclusion.. I was always of the opinion that every single one of us should try to make a difference with whatever means available. Give back to your community, help your neighbor and progress is inevitable via a win win model. We are well aware of the way that our society is built […]

How PSD2 enables financial inclusion and powers financial expansion


One of the core principles of European Union, that of European Single Market, revolves around free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour. In contrast to that, 58 million EU citizens over the age of 15, or about the 11.5% of the total EU population, do not have access to a payment account. At the […]

Banking disrupted: It was about time :)


“Banking is necessary, Banks are not.” Bill Gates PSD2 regulation is an update to notice in our reality. The lawmaker of PSD and its update, PSD2, envision a decentralized banking system, where banking institutions would not be the star, necessarily. The regulators clearly state that PSD2 scope involves opening up payment markets to new entrants […]